Buy at antique dealer
for the new building

What I bauht the 26 Mars 2003 day.

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A coffer for the bath room to hold the wash basin

1,13m x 56cm x 78cm - XIX - chestnut tree

I will do all the bath room with antique wood

Plus a bookcase in pine to hold all DVD in the HomeMovie room.

2,20m de haut, 2,30m de long.

And also a coffer to store wood close the open fire.
Also XIX in chestnut tree

I was looking it since 6 years due to a limit in size
(1.33m between the open fire and the wall)
Infortunately all Britany coffer was use near bed and are 2 or 3m

I also baugth a front buffet to put under a window.
(no picture)

Delivery April 10, after restauration.

Last but I did not baught
I saw it since 10 years in this shop
will be nice to put the electronic.

Thank you for visiting.

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